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Challenged Athletes Live - Interview with Roderick Sewell

Join us on Facebook Live for an engaging conversation with Bob Babbitt and history-making double amputee, Roderick Sewell.

Last October, Roderick Sewell made history by becoming the first double amputee on prosthetic legs to complete the IRONMAN World Championships.

Born missing tibias in both legs, Roderick's life hasn't been easy. His legs were amputated before his 2nd birthday and 5 years later he and his mom, were homeless bouncing from one shelter to another.

After discovering CAF at age 8, Sewell dove headfirst into a wide variety of athletic activities. The former Paralympic swimmer and history-making IRONMAN triathlete shares advice on how he's powering through this pandemic.


Every Tuesday/Thursday at 9AM PT Bob will interview a challenged athlete legend and share advice for powering through these challenging times.

April 23
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