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Veteran Wellness Series - Backyard Naturalist
Backyard Naturalist with Philip Brekke, Thursdays at 5:30PM. Starts 4/23.
“Whether you live in the country, suburbs, or city, there is so much life to see – around your feet, flying overhead, growing between cracks in the sidewalk – if you only know to look."  -The Naturalist’s Notebook by Wheelwright & Heinrich
Despite many aspects of our lives being on hold nature’s clock is not. Spring is upon us and change is happening all over the place. Let’s practice knowing how to look! 
While not a naturalist by formal training, I do love being outside, make efforts each day to get a good dose of fresh air, and am curious about the world around me.  
Each week we will be focusing on different aspects of the natural world, observe the changes happening around us, check out resources that can help us know more, and come together to share our observations and thoughts.  
Some topics we might explore are: birds, pond life, budding trees, pollinators, spring flowers. We are open to things you are curious about as well.
 This group meets Thursdays at 5:30PM EST via Zoom
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August 18
2:30pm - 3:30pm (UTC)
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